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Tiger Uncage Festival: Twist to the night

(for Tiger Singapore)


Tiger Beer, the number-one international premium beer from Asia, launched Tiger Soju Infused Lager, an easy-to-drink lager with a hint of sweetness and a refreshing beer aftertaste, uncaging a new Tiger experience.

Twist to the Night Main Entrance.

New Tiger Soju Infused Lager in Plum and Grape.


With a brand new progressive innovation the primary objective was to capture the attention of a primary consumer base of Gen Zs & Females and to celebrate Tiger Soju's core messaging of "A Bold Twist" and "Asia Collide"

Fabrik had the opportunity to conceptualise, design and produce the Tiger Soju Infused Lager Launch Festival.

We revolved the festival around 3 key pillars of engagement, Fuel, Spark and Ignite.

Fuel: Food & Beverage.
The Highlight Bar - We created a two-storey colosseum-style bar, a shout out to the boldness of Tiger. The bar proclaimed the new brand identity with a co-created piece by local artist Erika Tay who created the distinctively Asian neon centrepiece, and Flex, who worked on the surrounding immersive light installation.

Fuel: Food Offerings.
We partnered with Dumpling Darlings, Maha Co, Joo Bar and Two Men Bagel House. Each partner created an exclusive dish that represented “an Asian/bold twist in flavor


Spark: Roving Performances
Calista & Megan, the Erhu and Dancer Duo, revolutionised traditional Chinese music and dance by infusing modern elements from pop and rock into their performance. Dance troupe Equipo, showcased how Asian choreography and music continue to inspire contemporary dance forms, bridging the gap between traditional and modern influences. Msukumo got the crowd moving with ethnic percussion instruments like the Kompang, Tabla, and Chinese Drums, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Malay, Indian, and Chinese celebrations.

Spark: The Sub Alley
The Sub Alley replicates a mini Asian street, fueling a sense of wanderlust and the urge to explore it offers insta-worthy nooks, games, and artworks to discover.

Calista & Megan (Erhu and Dance Duo)

Equipo (Dreamfellas)


Ignite: The Main Stage
While the bar took the limelight, the triangle stage design created a more intimate experience between artiste and audience, immersing them in the performance. Embracing Asia's diversity, we curated a balanced lineup of male and female artists across genres, going beyond K-Pop to highlight hip-hop and indie music.

Local band brb. kicked off the night with dance-pop, surprising the crowd with a guest appearance by Taiwanese artist, Kire. Korean collective  Balming Tiger, took to new heights with their music that know no genre, captivating the crowd with their experimental sounds.Ramen Gvrl is no stranger to the Asian Hip Hop scene and electrified the stage and invited  local Rapper, Yung Raja to perform their single live, for the first time.Headliner, Lee Hi got the crowd singing along from slow burners to infectious tunes, truly transcending the night as end the Twist to the Night.


+2,800 event attendees
+8,000 pints consumed
+64.4M Reach
$1.39M PR Value


Creative, Production & Events Agency: Fabrik
PR Agency: AKA