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(for Monkey Shoulder Singapore)


Monkey Shoulder’s Dead-End Job Simulator is an Immersive cocktail-infused game night designed to bring the cheer back to your careers. The experience offers 3 escape rooms featuring enriching and entertaining workplace simulations with a cheeky twist. These simulations inspire participants with ways to hack common office scenarios to their advantage. Each room is hosted by improv actors who are ready for any curve ball ensuring each consumer experience is unique and bespoke.

Our Role

Fabrik conceptualised and produced Smooth Slidin & The Heineken Silver VIP lounge. Smooth Slidin’ starts with a welcoming midst, refreshing from head to toe. Heading up the spiral stairs and Slide down with your best pose. Waiting for you at the end of the slide is a photo booth where you’ll receive a digital copy airdropped to you.

It doesn't end there, to keep you smooooth and cool, Heineken Silver created customised LED Message Fans to accompany party goers, keeping them cool and fresh all the way to first light.


The activation garnered eyeballs from over 30,000 guests, with more than thousand photos taken from our photobooth and over a thousand merch redeemed.


Creative, Production and Event Management: Fabrik